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The company owned by Giuseppe Lanciotti is located in Montegranaro, in the heart of the
footwear district of Fermo, the world symbol of the production of high quality and high
fashion shoes. In the shoe factory, the collections of the two family Brands, Lanciotti de
Verzi and the newborn MYM Italia are created and crafted.
Both brands follow their own stylistic identity, combining design, research, choice of
materials, balance of details and an ancient know-how deriving from 35 years of experience.
The shoes emit an intense perfume of craftsmanship and passion, all made in Italy.
Lanciotti de Verzi offers its lines with a classic, refined and quality taste, all rigorously
handmade and addressed to customers who love the pleasure and cult of wearing prestigious
MYM Italia has a sophisticated and modern style, enriched by a strong Italian craftsmanship
tradition, research of materials in continuous evolution and attention not only to quality and
detail but also to comfort.
Lanciotti de Verzi and MYM Italia shoes store is located at the "Brand Village Il Castagno”
in Casette D’Ete, city of Sant'Elpidio a Mare (FM), Italy