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Returns and refunds

Item sold on our store are original and brand new.

In case of any dissatisfaction with the item you have purchased, you can ask an exchge or a refund in 14 days time after you have received it.

Withdrawal is not possible for customer that purchase with Vat number.

Return instructions

Customers that intend to apply for a return request must follows these instructions:

-Go into "My account – My orders" area, click on "After-sales service" and then on the return area. Check the order to return.
Select the items and send the online form for the return request to be authorised. The software will automatically underline the orders that has not already exceeded the 14 days time (return is available only in this dead line)

-Lanciotti de' Verzi will send you a confirmation e-mail with the instructions you must follow.

Shoes: They can be returned only if they have not been worn and they must not shows any sign of wear and tear. They must have all labels and guarantee seals (not removed) that were included in the package of the order.
The original box is considered an important part of the product, so it must be returned undamaged, with no scratches or defects which could compromise any resale.
The original box cannot be used as external packaging material ,but must be protected in order to be ship.
Warning! Footwear can be put on a cleaned floor or carpet and must be worn just the necessary time to check the right size; In this way you will not cause any wrinkle and you won’t damage the sole.

Bags/Lagguage and Accessories: shall be returned new, never used nor worn. The product shall be returned intact in its original bag, with all labels and security seals not removed.

The product can be returned with all labels and guarantee seals as they were in the original package. The product must be unused, not worn and undamaged.
If any labels or seals are removed, the customer will lose his or her right of return and refund, because that would be considered a sign of wear and tear.

If you follow those simpe rules you will no waste time and no claims will be done.

Return shipping is at your expense both from Italy and abroad

The items must be sent back from the same address where it has been delivered.

Lanciotti de Verzi reserves the right to unauthorise return and refund or to surcharge if any of the previous conditions are not applied.

Times of refund

Refund is set as soon as the returned item is dilevered in our storehouse, after all the return conditions are verified.

Credit Card: Paypal will refund in 7 business day time after we have sent our confirmation e-mail. The necessary time to be able to realize the refund depends on the credit cards’s bank.
You can check the refund on our online account or by contacting the bank.

Paypal account: 48 hours time after our e-mail confirmation.

Bank transfer: Our bank will refund in 7 business days time after we have sen tour e-mail confirmation. You can check the refund on your own online account or by contacting your bank.